Aquaponic Evaluations

Prospective growers should become familiar with the regulations and necessary permits required to operate any aquaponic or aquatic-based project.

Careful consideration should also be given to the scale of an aquaponic system, whether that be for home use, recreational purposes, or commercially sized operations. Streamline Aquaponics will assess the feasibility of establishing a project. We will identify and help complete any necessary regulatory permits or licencing applications and explore different options for building an operating system. All foreseeable aspects of project management will be taken into consideration, which will involve evaluating risks that may affect the sustainability of a project. No matter what the target, we will outline facility logistics, finances, staffing, and identify opportunities and challenges to set forth an expected sequence of events to complete a project. 

Along with feasibility analysis, our services include facility evaluation. Our team will troubleshoot any operational or procedural problems within existing operations of an aquaponic or aquaculture system. We work with aquaponic producers, providing basic aquaculture information on animal biology and culture technology, basics of aquatic recirculation systems, and troubleshooting when problems arise. To hone and optimize operating procedures or production levels and growing conditions, several key elements will be evaluated. Feasible solutions and an overall plan will then be developed to address any issues that are identified.

Most aquaponic producers either have adopted their own system designs, or have purchased aquaponic designs or systems from other established producers that market these products. However, we do provide basic recommendations, such as being able to reduce the risk from contaminating the system in event of a fish disease or treating fish without impacting the integrity of the plants.

Whether establishing a new system or resolving issues in an existing operation, Streamline Aquaponics is committed to meeting the needs of our clients by providing high quality, innovative services that focus on honesty, integrity, respect, and professionalism.