Design and Construction of Aquatic-Based Operating Systems

Streamline Aquaponics specializes in design, development and installation of aquatic-based operating systems. Whether prefabricated or custom built, we will work within your budget and carefully plan to meet your project objectives and end goals.

We provide a comprehensive range of services, focusing on the development of aquaponic and aquaculture systems for schools, individuals, community organizations, private businesses and government agencies. These include:

  • Building projects for food production in commercial, home and community applications
  • Developing systems to be used as educational tools in the academic setting
  • Creating ornamental systems for aesthetics or greening initiatives

From our diverse background in fisheries, we also offer a broad spectrum of services related to aquariums and other aquatic environments. We design, install and maintain aquariums for homeowners and businesses, while welcoming artistic collaboration with media and the entertainment industry where aquariums or aquatic features are needed for movies, TV sets, and commercials. Other services include planning, design and installation of aquatic gardens, floating gardens, and irrigation systems for soil-based farming.

Once a system is established we will develop practical management plans, conduct necessary training, and offer ongoing support. Overall, we will provide a fully functioning system that clients have the knowledge to operate and maintain. When implementing any project, we will ensure all aspects of project management meet or exceed expectations and performance as agreed upon.

If you are interested in finding out more about our company and how we can help, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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227 2nd Avenue East
Owen Sound, Ontario,
N4K 2E8, Canada

We have offices in Owen Sound and Sutton Ontario, but our services are not limited by geography. We are 100% mobile.

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