Pond Assessments to Property Management

Streamline Aquaponics provides a range of pond and property management services. We can help with assessment, rehabilitation and restoration of ponds of all shapes, sizes and purposes. This includes ponds that support fish and other aquatic organisms, ornamental ponds, aquatic gardens, large natural ponds, farm ponds, and stormwater retention ponds. 

We focus on natural designs and management practices offering recreational, agricultural, or industrial services for homeowners, businesses, community organizations, municipalities, and other government agencies. We assess project feasibility and identify different options available for your projects. 

Streamline Aquaponics will determine how best to utilize available space and surrounding area to enhance your property. We will manage unwanted vegetation, algae growth, or fish habitat to maintain your pond ecosystem in an affordable, environmentally friendly manner.

We offer training so you can maintain your own pond, or we can set up a service schedule where our team will help maintain the health of your pond on a routine basis. Training or scheduled service will involve best management practices such as water quality monitoring, inspecting the pond features, and examining the health of fish, plants, and other aquatic inhabitants. This also includes maintenance of equipment that may include aerators, fountains, water pumps, and water filtration systems.